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Police Box Bird Feeder


This old fashioned police box (or Tardis?), is not only fun but also a totally practical bird feeder! It has a heavy-duty nylon cord, is constructed from exterior grade ply-board, and painted wth an outdoor, water-based, non-toxic paint. A delightful house warming present or for any garden and bird lovers.

The feeder will hold 2 pounds of regular wild bird seed. Just slide up the roof fill it up with the seed of your choice and hang it from the heavy duty nylon rope. The seed will spill out onto the bottom tray which also has small corner holes for drainage.

Dimensions: 23cm H x 16cm W x 16cm D.

Kate says: As the paint is water based for the birds, it will fade over time. If possible hang it in a sheltered place out of direct sun and rain.