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Remembrance Paperweight by Harmony Glass


Harmony Glass offer a range of beautiful and unique hand blown glass creations to remember and celebrate loved ones lives. A small quantity of ashes are incorporated with up to 6 colours. Choose your favourites, those of the deceased or maybe base it  on their birthstone colour. The choosing and mixing of the colours can even be incorporated into a remembrance occasion. 

This popular paper weight design provides a unique and beautiful remembrance gift for the bereaved which will look good anywhere in the home. The addition of a base light, an optional extra, further enhances this beautiful piece of glass art.

Comes in two sizes. The small is almost a sphere whereas the larger design is conical 

Small: 14 x 16mm , 625g

Large:12 x 30mm, 875g  

Note: Allow up to 40 days from order to delivery. 

Once purchased Harmony Glass will be in touch to discuss your colour preferences and to take you through the full creation process.