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Snugglebundl baby blanket

Snugglebundl is an award winning unique hooded baby garment which lets you lift and lay baby so gently that they’ll stay sleeping. Makes it so easy to lift babies out of car seats, prams and pushchairs, and for passing around from person to person while supporting baby's head. Perfect after a C section and can really help post birth recovery time too. Every new Mum should have one!

The technical stuff: Made from soft natural 100% cotton. Soft padding under head area and in the hood. Fully European safety tested (and road tested on over 4000 babies now.) Large enough for babies up to about 6 mnths although the padded handles have been tested to 30kg/66lbs (that would be some monster baby!)

Kate says: 'I saw this on Dragons Den and couldn't believe no-one snapped it up! As a close friend had just given birth I could immediately see what a brilliant idea it is!'